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"Original bam bam bamboo shaker"
+ Booklet with manual and general information inclusive homemade recipes
Every product is a handmade + unique item! Designed by Mario aka bam bam!
True Bamboo Barware! ! Free delivery with a total order value of 150€ to Europe/worldwide !

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€109.90 / Stück
Why natural products?

Given that bamboo grows extremely fast, large quantities can be harvested every year without endangering stock. The widespread root systems allow new plants to grow constantly. Unlike trees, the bamboo plant doesn’t die in its entirety when the bamboo cane is harvested. We cooperate exclusively with Vietnamese bamboo suppliers who provide sustainable raw materials.

Thanks to many years of research the shaker is made with high quality standards. Every single piece is unique and is handmade with close attention to detail. Impress your friends at the next (Tiki) cocktail party! 

The mangetic seal of the shaker is not only saving you time in private use, but also primarily in professional use, when every second counts in preparing drinks. The unique sound, which no other shakers make, is only one of many benefits compared to other shakers, beside that also sustainability, functionality and style-factor.

  •  1x „Original bam bam bamboo shaker“

  • 1x Booklet with manual and general information inclusive homemade recipes

You are looking for sustainable alternatives of common products for partys, private household, hospitality/ caterings or events? We have the right choice for you and offer eco-friendly, noble products, which have unique designs. Most of the items are exlusively available!

You want a unique company present for your staff/ give away or our products to become part of your company ? Using laser technology, we can engrave the name of your company or bar on every item. Is there someone in your circle of friends who has a passion for mixing cocktails? Then for example the personalized Bamboo Shaker is the ideal gift!

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The shaker size varies, because every bamboo shaker is a unique item. The shakers for small hands turn out smaller than the shakers for big hands.

The diameter is about 8-8,5 cm

Length: 15cm+12cm= 27cm

Capacity 15cm Shaker: 480-550ml

Capacity 12cm Shaker: 400-440ml

Total capacity: 880-990ml


Our packaging is environmentally friendly- we are only using organic raw materials.