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Handmade strainer out of bamboo for straining cocktails, the ultimate complement to to the bamboo shaker!
With smart magnet closing system!
Suitable for the original and branded bamboo shaker!!!
Sustainable alternative!
Logo branded: bam bam

Designed by Mario aka bam bam!

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€14.90 / Stück
Why natural products?

Given that bamboo grows extremely fast, large quantities can be harvested every year without endangering stock. The widespread root systems allow new plants to grow constantly. Unlike trees, the bamboo plant doesn’t die in its entirety when the bamboo cane is harvested. We cooperate exclusively with Vietnamese bamboo suppliers who provide sustainable raw materials.

This is, however, not the only reason why we produce strainers made out of bamboo, the topic of sustainable + natural products is becoming increasingly important, especially in the bar scene. The bamboo strainer is the ultimative complement to the original and branded bamboo shaker and with the smart magnet closing system it fits perfectly together with the upper part of the shaker. On top of that the strainer is very robust, light and it is mich more pleasant mixing drinks with it- you can strain drinks in a very special way! Impress your friends at the next (Tiki) cocktail party or for your dinner at home! 

You are looking for sustainable alternatives of common products for partys, private household, hospitality/ caterings or events? We have the right choice for you and offer eco-friendly, noble products, which have unique designs! Most of the items are exlusively available! Perfect also as company gift/ birthday or giveaway for friends.

Would you like to brand the muddler with your own company logo? We would be happy to compile an individual offer just for you. Please contact us via e-mail-contact. Other lengths and bulk quantities are possible.

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Für die Reinigung ist es völlig ausreichend den Strainer mit einem nassen Tuch und etwas Spülmittel zu reinigen, im Anschluss mit Wasser abspülen und mit einem trockenen Tuch abtrocknen. Für eine gründliche Reinigung das Siebl in eine Warmwasser/ Essiglösung (Wasser 20 : Essig 1) geben und nach 10-13 Minuten nochmals in ein Wasserbad ohne Essig. Bei der Reinigung im Geschirrspüler verliert das Produkt nach und nach die wasser-abweisende + schützende Eigenschaft, somit raten wir davon ab!

Verwendungsdauer: Je nach Intensität und Reinigung mehrere Wochen/ Monate/ Jahre möglich. Unsere Verpackung ist selbstverständlich auch umweltfreundlich- Rohstoffe auf biologischer Basis werden hier verwendet.

Style your Shaker

For the cleaning process it´s perfectly good to clean the strainer with a wet cloth and dish soap, after that wash it with clean water and dry it with a fresh cloth. For thorough cleaning, place strainer in a warm water/vinegar solution (20 parts water, 1 parts vinegar) and move to a water bath without vinegar after 10 to 13 minutes. Using a dishwasher for cleaning will have the result, that the product looses it´s water-repelent + protecting ability, so we advise against doing it.

Durability: Several weeks/months up to years depending on use intensity and cleaning. Our packaging is of course environmentally friendly. We exclusively process organic raw materials.