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The ultimate sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastic products!
Coconut bowl small with coconut spoon + bamboo straw
Diameter of bowls: about 11-13cm (Natural product)
Capacity: about 350-450ml
Spoon length: about 11cm
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€8.90 / Stück
Why natural products?

Why should we waste valuable natural resources? We create something unique and special out of coconuts! Our small coconut bowls are handmade in Vietnam and the processing we put a lot of love in every detail- in this case  (Jumbo version) beautiful patterns are carved into the material. At the end the bowls get polished with some cocnut oil. Also the coconut spoons are made by hand, have the highest quality and have a perfect handling. The bowl impresses with its longevity, robustness, the multiplex usage and the easy cleaning, as well as its biodegradability.

The ultimative alternative to petroleum-based plastic products!

The variations are multiplex and here are some aspects for what the coconut bowls can be specific used:

- Cereals, salads, fruits

- Picknick outdoors

- Snacks (Especially for hospitality)

- Smoothies

- Ice cream

Your morning cereals will taste even better like this!

The eco-friendly bowl impresses with its longevity, robustness ,the multiplex usage and the easy cleaning, as well as its biodegradability. The ultimative alternative to petroleum-based plastic products. A beautiful mother of pearl-styled, curved coconut spoon in small, such as a mini coconut straw to drink out of the bowl is included.

You are looking for sustainable alternatives of common products for partys, private household, hospitality/ caterings or events? We have the right choice for you and offer eco-friendly, noble products, which have unique designs. Most of the items are exlusively available! Perfect also as company gift/ birthday or giveaway.

Would you like to brand the coconut bowl with your own company logo? We would be happy to compile an individual offer just for you. Please contact us via e-mail-contact. Other sizes and bulk quantities are possible.

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For the cleaning process it´s perfectly good to clean the cocnut bowl with a wet cloth and dish soap, after that wash it with clean water and dry it with a fresh cloth. For thorough cleaning, place the coconut bowl in a warm water/vinegar solution (20 parts water, 1 parts vinegar) and move to a water bath without vinegar after 10 to 13 minutes. Using  a dishwasher for cleaning will have the result, that the product/ the coating looses it´s water-repelent + protecting ability, so we advise against doing it.

Durability: Several weeks/months up to years depending on use intensity and cleaning. Polish with some coconut oil after long usage. Our packaging is of course environmentally friendly. We exclusively process organic raw materials.